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The C&G. Group is leader in the national and iternational cosmetic field, especially in the production of beauty products and perfumes. Always taking care of the quality of the products, this company is within evrybody's reach.

Today, more than ever, who works in this sector knows how important is the influence of the ciustomer as the moment of the purchase; for this reason we are pleased to propose to everybody our vast production of perfumes and foam bath, that includes the following lines: Eminence, Ricordi D'oriente, Carolina R, Marie G.

Our Company is characterized by an original conception of realization of perfumes for itself and on behalf of third party. We pay attention to the customers demand in order to relise, in the best way, a custom-designed product and satisfy their needs. The result is the consequence of an intense and careful research on quality, elegant and personalized perfume.

Beside the items produced by itself, the commercializes a vast range of products of the most famous foreing and italian brands, but the list is too long, and we prefer to leave you the pleasure of the surprise.


Fantastic perfumed candles are produced in 5 different colours. Each candle amanates a marvellous, dreamy perfumery when lighted. Likable for their shape and elegant for the packaging, these candles are perfectly suitable for any occasion. Their intense and sweet scent allows to eliminate any disagreeable smell from any anviroment (house, office and so on). Available in the following fragrances:amber, lemon, oriental o.p, vanilla, sandal..

Our selling terms are particularly advantageous and the carriage is safe. For further details, please contact us to the following address:



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